Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

TAY 924991
Taylor County
Summary of Features
  • Scale - 3rd magnitude
  • Scenery - fine
  • How Pristine? - very pristine
  • Swimming - no
  • Protection - unknown
  • Crowds - none
  • Access - private
  • Facilities - none
  • Safety - unknown
  • Scuba - no


Quick Directions
250 feet upriver from TAY924993 spring.

Full Directions
From the junction of U.S. 27/19 and U.S. 98 in Perry, drive west on U.S. 98 for 2.55 miles.  Turn right (north) at sign for Hunter Creek development and proceed just under a mile to the bridge over Spring Creek.  The spring is 250 upriver from the bridge on the right (more southerly) fork of the creek on the east side of the bridge.


Spring Description
The spring lies in the bed of Spring Creek between the remnants of two beaver dams.  Water flows from a small limestone opening (that was not clearly visible) at a depth of 2-3 feet.  A mild upwelling was visible on the surface, and the water was fairly clear.  The bottom of the creek in this backed-up section is covered in filamentous algae.  The creek is 25 feet across and is completely canopied by trees and shrubs along its low banks.


Personal Impressions
The contrast between the completely pristine condition of this spring and the exotic- and garbage-overrun TAY924993 less than 100 yards away is startling.

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