Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
2nd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Suwannee Blue Spring
Suwannee County
  • Summary of Features
    • Scale -2nd magnitude (estimated)
    • Scenery -outstanding
    • How Pristine? -very pristine
    • Swimming -no
    • Protection -unknown/private
    • Crowds -none
    • Access -water only, private land
    • Facilities -none
    • Scuba -unknown
    From the U.S. 27 bridge over the Suwannee River at Branford, head northon U.S. 129 for about 5½ miles, past the sign pointing to LittleRiver Spring, until you reach the small community of O'Brien. A sign says"Royal Spring." That is the last sign you will see with the word "Royal"on it. Turn left on County Road 345 and go about 9 miles. If you see aSuwannee Farms sign on the right, you have gone too far. On your left youwill see a graded road, 198 Trail (or Terrace), with a small yellow signbearing a symbol that indicates a boat ramp. Go about 0.6 mile and turnleft on 157th Lane. Go about 1/5th mile and you will dead-end into thepark and boat ramp at the spring. Put in boat at Royal Spring, go downriver,and look for mouth of Suwannee Blue Springs run by a boulder on the leftnear the shore after about ¼ mile.

    For maps, latitude/longitude data, driving directions, satellite imagery,and topographic representations as well as weather conditions at this spring,go to Greg Johnson's informative "Florida Springs Database" web site atthe following address:  http://www.ThisWaytothe.Net/springs/floridasprings.htm#Florida

    Spring Description
    The features of this site are two springs/sink holes/karst windowsand a spring pool that flows directly into the Suwannee River. The firstspring/sinkhole/karst window is perhaps 250 feet back/east from the river.It is a steep-sided conical hole with a large trunk fallen across it. Onthe date of visit (spring 1998), the rim of the hole was perhaps 20 feetabove the surface of the very clear blue water. The water was flowing bothupward—like a spring boil—and west toward the next (lower) hole. The secondand smaller spring/sinkhole/karst window was perhaps 65 feet below andSW of the first, down the natural slope of the land. It was similar inappearance to the first hole. Both holes had very clear blue water. Belowthe second hole, water rose again in an area of thick vegetation to forma shallow spring pool that was perhaps 25 feet across and 100-150 feetfrom the river. The pool was clear and very blue, and the bottom was sandy.


  • The spring is apparently on private property and there is no land access.However, it was not posted and the authors reached the site with no difficultyor trouble in the spring of 1998. There was very little evidence of humanuse; the only structure on the site was a broken bench placed next to thespring pool. The authors were told that, at previous times, there was afence across the mouth of the spring run.
  • The site is not suited for swimming. It is primarily a scenic site.
  • Per son al Impressions

    The authors were amazed at this beautiful and remote geological/hydrologicalsite that combined sinks, springs, karst windows, and a picturesque pool.The s pr ing i s a stunning sight. It seemed apparent that water rose intothe first hole, then flowed to the second hole, and then to the springpool and run to the Suwannee. How and why the plumbing worked and was formedin this way was beyond the faculties of the authors. Perhaps the two holeswere sinkholes that opened above the site of the spring pool along theunderground flow channel to the spring.

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