Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
2nd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Unnamed Possible Spring
Columbia County
Summary of Features
  • Scenery - poor
  • How Pristine? - in back yard of house on river
  • Swimming - unknown
  • Protection - unknown
  • Access - none, private


From U.S. 27 in Ft. White, take Wilson Springs Road west about 4 milesto the spring and boat ramp on the Santa Fe River on Santa Fe River. Godownriver on the Santa Fe 2-3 miles, past 2 sets of small shoals and ahairpin turn. The spring is on the north (right) side of the river in aneighborhood after the dramatic river turn. Also located about 20 minutes’paddle upriver from the Oasis Spring boat ramp. To get to the Oasis boatramp: From Branford, drive east/south on U.S. 27 to junction with Highway129/49. Turn south. Drive about 5 miles to Highway 138 and turn east. Drive3.4 miles to NE 2nd Way. Follow 2nd Way for 2.6 miles to dirt road on rightand the boat ramp.

Spring Description

The possible spring is about 100 feet from the river and forms an oval-shapeddepression in the back yard of a red house on squared concrete pilingsin a developed section of the Santa Fe River. On date of visit (January2001), a time of historic drought, the pool was not flowing. However, thereis a dry run of about 65 feet from the pool to the river, suggesting thesite does flow and might therefore be a spring. The run cuts through naturalbank along the river, which was about 8 feet above the river on date ofvisit. The run did not appear to be manmade and was not wide enough exceptfor canoes. There was only a small puddle in the pool. The possible springis in a cleared area behind a house along the river.


Personal Impressions

This spring is not described in any literature the authors have found.In their comprehensive spring compilation, Springs of the Suwannee RiverBasin in Florida (1998), Hornsby & Ceryak identify and catalogueanother spring just 1-2 houses downriver from this site (COL917971, p.33), but did not include this site. JF and RB did locate COL917971, andit was a different spring. The authors will take another look at this sitein a time of normal river flow to see if it is flowing and therefore aspring.

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