Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
2nd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Jack Paul Spring
Washington County
Summary of Features
  • Scale - 2nd magnitude (estimated) 
  • Scenery - very good-fine 
  • How Pristine? - cleared land above, and road and along springs 
  • Swimming - fair-good 
  • Protection - unknown 
  • Crowds - none 
  • Access - time-consuming, by water only 
  • Facilities - none 
  • Safety - good 
  • Scuba - no 
  • Cost - free 

Quick Directions
On Holmes Creek north of Vernon.  From center of Vernon, go southon State Road 79 about 2 miles and then turn right (west) onto Two CreekBoulevard.  Continue 1/2 mile, then turn right onto Keen Kutter Roadand proceed to boat ramp on Holmes.  Go upriver about 1.5 miles andlook for mouth of Jack Paul Spring run on the right.

For maps, latitude/longitude data, driving directions, satellite imagery,and topographic representations as well as weather conditions at this spring,go to Greg Johnson's informative "Florida Springs Database" web site atthe following address:  http://www.ThisWaytothe.Net/springs/floridasprings.htm#Florida

Spring Description
At least three spring flows form a half-mile run that discharges intoHolmes Creek.  The main springs lie at the head of the run and consistof two limestone openings at depths of about 10 feet.  The largeropening is 6-7 feet in diameter and creates a large (10 feet across) andstrong boil on the surface.  The smaller opening is about 60% as big,and its limestone was more difficult to see.  Both issue clear, blue-greenwater.  The springs form a semicircular pool about 35 feet wide andrun of roughly equal width.

The third vent is about 300 feet downstream of the head of the run. It is limestone opening at a depth of about 10 feet is and 3 by 5 feetin diameter.  It issues clear blue water that is a contrast to thegreen vegetation around it,and creates a good boil on the surface. There is a large cypress stump on the bank nearby.

The bottom of the run is mostly c overed in water plants and algae, withsome sandy and muddy areas.  The run varies in depth from 1-8 feet(averages about 5 feet), and sections are partially obstructed by fallent re es.&n bsp; Large grass carp were observed as well as mullet, turtles,and minnows.  Much of the run is paralleled one one side by a raisedbank (about 4 feet) with a dirt road leading from the landowner's houseto the springhead.  Land on this side is higher and drier than landon the other (river) side which consists of floodplain forest.  Theupper portion of the run is sunny, and the lower portion is completelycanopied.


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