Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
2nd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

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Gator (or Gator Hole or Crystal or Magnolia) Springs
Citrus County
Summary of Features
Scale - unknown
Scenery - poor from surface, fine from underwater
How Pristine? - in developed housing area
Swimming - fair, fine snorkeling and skin-diving
Protection - unknown
Crowds - some scuba divers
Access - good, boat only
Faclities - none
Safety - very good
Scuba - yes
Cost - free

In a neighborhood in a natural inlet near Three Sisters and Idiots' Delight Springs. Gator Spring is in the NE corner of the inlet, near the shore and adjacent to the back yard of a house. The second spring (Magnolia) is smaller and located about 150 feet south of Gator Spring adjacent to the undeveloped east bank near a cedar tree. .

Spring Description
Two springs are in a developed inlet that feeds the central part of King's Bay on the east side of the bay.  The spring forms a circular bowl that appeared to be 20 feet deep.  In and near the center of the bowl were light spots suggesting points of clear flow and that are vegetation-free. There was no boil visible on the surface.  This spring appears to be what Rosenau et al (1977, p. 82) and DeLoach (1997, p. 111) refer to as Gator Hole.  According to Rosenau, Gator Hole once had an extensive cave system with rock spires, but it collapsed around 1963.

The second spring, which a resident called Magnolia Spring, is next to the east bank not far from the main channel.  The limestone bottom drops away and out of sight to the spring, and a boil was visible on date of visit in May 2001.  Water was clearer over the spring than the surrounding water.

The springs are explored by scuba divers, skin-divers, and snorkelers.

Personal Impressions
The authors did not explore and photograph the springs from underwater. As with Catfish Hole, Gator Spring was very difficult to photograph or even to see clearly in the somewhat murky water.

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