Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Bathtub Spring

Suwannee County

Summary of Features

  • Scale -2nd magnitude (estimated)
  • Scenery -fine
  • How Pristine? -sandbag wall at end of run; otherwise fairly pristine
  • Swimming -outstanding wading
  • Protection -unknown
  • Access -private

Quick Directions

Link to map with spring: www.flsprings.com/content/bathtub-spring Put in at Convict Springs and head upriver about ¼ mile. (See link for Convict Springs for directions to put-in at Convict Springs.) Spring is on the opposite (NE) side.

Full Directions

From Mayo, drive east on U.S. 27 about four miles to Convict Springs Road. The turnoff is marked by a sign for Suwannee River Rendezvous. Turn left (north) and drive about 2 miles to Convict. Put in at Convict Springs and head upriver about ¼ mile. Spring is on the opposite (NE) side. Look for sandbag culvert where the spring run meets the river.

Spring Description

The spring lies in a small glen that cuts through the natural river levee and is surrounded by somewhat steep sand berms. The upland area is partly cleared and fairly open and flat. The spring pool is circular, 10 feet in diameter, and set among large exposed limestone boulders and formations. The water in the small pool is 4-5 feet deep, and there is a clear boil and flow from a vent in the back (north) end. There is a short (6-10 feet) and narrow tunnel between limestone walls that may be free-dived.

A subterranean passage leads from the back of the spring to a pot-hole-sizeopening another 35 feet north. Another 75 feet further back (north) isa sinkhole that was filled with timbers on the authors’ dates of visit.It is likely connected to the spring. The water in the spring is exceptionally clear and bright blue at normal water levels. The spring run is approximately 75 feet to the river, 1-2 feet deep, scattered with limestone, and has another vent in muddy sand near the river on the west side. Sandbags and concrete blocks form an unsightly barrier between the run and the river.


The site is privately owned and a fence and gate block land access. It can only be reached by boat--see comments below.

Local Springiana

Personal Impressions

Bathtub is as pretty as any small spring the authors have ever seen.

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