Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
2nd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

About the Authors

Joe Follman grew up in Tampa, Florida and has lived in Tallahassee, Florida since 1990.  He has published eight books on education and produced over 70 other publications.  At Florida State University, he directs statewide initiatives that promote student participation in "service learning"'”service projects that apply and are a means of learning.  He has taught at FSU in the Adult Education Department and endeavors to never pass up an opportunity to visit a spring on his travels.

Richard Buchanan is a Florida native and lives in Tallahassee, where he works as a web developer and network administrator for Florida State University.

The authors have been systematically seeking out, visiting, and researching Florida Springs (both together and individually), since about 1995.  Armed with published descriptions, handwritten directions, and maps, they have taken perhaps 15 day trips to locate and photograph the springs described in this Guide.  On such trips, the authors would visit 10-25 springs each day.  In addition, they visited springs on side trips while on vacation or on the way to and from business meetings in Florida.

Joe Follman is the primary author of the Guide, photographs are by both authors, and Richard Buchanan performed most of the technical work to put together the web site.